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Portrait of Simon

The real voyage of discovery 

Simon Nicholas White was born in Leeds in northern England the year Yuri Gagarin entered space, and moved to Scotland in 1989, he has lived in the capital city Edinburgh ever since.

His parents gave him a Canon SLR camera on his 18th birthday which he taught himself to use and continues to use to this day. From the outset he had a particular interest for photographing people, dilapidated buildings and panoramic landscapes using predominantly black and white film.

However, in 1996 he had an epiphany whilst strolling along a beach on the Scottish Hebridean island of South Harris. It was there he witnessed an array of complex sand patterns fashioned by the ebb and flow of the Atlantic Ocean.

"I excitedly climbed a small rock face nearby to get a better view. Looking down I experienced the natural world in a brand new way ... click."

Since then Simon has spent a great deal of time exploring Scotland's seemingly endless coast, photographing its extraterrestrial rocky shorelines and beaches, endeavouring to reveal the enigma and inimitable beauty of the hidden microcosms within nature that are so often overlooked.

As a very young child Simon remembers repeatedly playing an LP of 'The Planets Suite' by Gustav Holst, inspired by the music he tried to imagine how these planetary landscapes would look. The miniature landscapes he photographs today are to some degree an expression of this. Indeed, he jocularly refers to himself as a terrestrial cosmonaut, although his cosmos is somewhat nearer to home and accessible to those who allow themselves to be drawn into these magical other worlds.

"His visionary images are wonderfully abstract, often surreal and as unique as the viewers interpretation of them"
Mary Shields, Programme Director, Assembly Theatre

"(the images) ... take on a mysterious, near abstract quality ... they demonstrate that White has found a rich vein of material to exploit"
Susan Mansfield, Visual Arts, The Scotsman

An interview by Jennie Renton
'Simon Nicholas White : Landscape and Dreams'

Simon's talk at the Apple Store
Buchanan Street, Glasgow
31 March 2012

simon nicholas white