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Giclée Prints

Giclée refers to a unique printing technology. A giclée print is the closest mechanical duplication of an original artwork that is currently possible.

In the reproduction of Simon Nicholas White's photography the original colour transparency is digitally scanned to a very high resolution and then printed onto pH neutral heavyweight etching paper using archival pigment inks.

The finished print offers luxurious depth of colour and tone. Owing to the superior quality of both the paper and pigmented inks a high ultra-violet resistance and therefore print longevity is achieved.


*all prices are inclusive of packaging and delivery within the United Kingdom


 approx (mm)

approx (inches)




297 x 420

12 x 16




420 x 594

16 x 24




594 x 841

24 x 33




  841 x 1189

33 x 47



When placing your order please note the Image Reference Number, located above the image on the 'Gallery' page.

Each Limited Edition print is artist approved, signed and dated by Simon Nicholas White.

All prints are subject to availability.

Your fine art print

To ensure the best care of your newly delivered fine art print, please read through all of the following guidelines before removing your fine art print from its packaging.

Handling your fine art print

When handling your fine art print, support the print with both hands, as any crease made through careless handling of the print will be permanent.

Your fine art print should be handled by the edges only, it is advisable to wear clean white cotton gloves when handling fine art prints, please contact a professional picture framer to purchase your white cotton gloves. Natural oils from your hands can affect the pH of the paper, fingerprints on your print may show up as sheen, wiping or brushing dust from the surface of your print can cause scratches to the print surface; therefore it is advisable to wash and dry hands thoroughly to remove natural oils before putting on your white cotton gloves.

Opening your fine art print

Please remove any packing tape from the outside of the print container carefully and dispose of it thoroughly, if your fine art print comes into contact with even a very small piece of sticky packing tape it could be damaged permanently.

Displaying your fine art print

Please display your fine art print out of the reach of bright sunlight or any other source of intense light, which can cause your fine art print to fade. It is advisable to rotate framed prints occasionally to lessen light exposure, if you require further advice on this matter please contact a professional picture framer.

Please keep your fine art print away from water, damp, mould and condensation. A drop of water on your fine art print will be permanently visible once dry. Avoid displaying your fine art print in areas with variable extremes of humidity or temperature; avoid displaying prints above radiators or fires.

Please avoid displaying your print in newly decorated rooms, as chemicals emitted by freshly painted surfaces can cause dis-colouration or fading.

Please use archival acid-free frames and supplies when framing your print. Frames that have been treated with chemicals can omit harmful gases that could damage your fine art print. If you require further advice please contact a professional picture framer.

Storing your fine art print

Your fine art print should be stored flat, not rolled or folded. Prints should not be stored for long periods of time in cardboard tubes or other postal containers; they are not a suitable long term archival acid-free environment for your fine art print. Prints should be stored in archival acid-free flat storage boxes, please contact a professional picture framer for further advice.

Avoid storing your fine art print in warm conditions which may encourage insect activity, your fine art print may be considered a food source by moth larvae, silverfish and other insects.

Charitable and Voluntary Projects

Simon Nicholas White is passionate about nature, the environment and Scottish landscapes. Simon Nicholas White Photography will consider any reasonable requests to exhibit or use Simon Nicholas White fine art photography in order to assist with the raising of awareness for environmental based charities and voluntary projects based in Scotland.

To submit your initial enquiry please contact Simon Nicholas White using either your business email address or by letter on headed paper with an outline of your request, background, and your full contact details. Please note that we are unable to accept telephone queries at this stage. Please ensure that the full text of your enquiry is within the main body of your email request, as at this stage of the enquiry we will not open any email attachments. We are unable to accept requests from religious or political groups.

Student Placements / Work Experience

Thank you for your interest, however, please note that we are unable to offer student placements or work experience; further we are unable to consider, open, answer or return any request for placements or work experience.

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